A CIRCLE OF IRON is now available in ePub and Mobi formats. It's also available on Smashwords. It will take a few days (or more) before it shows up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the iTunes store, etc. When it goes live on Amazon, it will list for $0.99 because I can't list it for free. Hopefully they will price-match it to free once it's up on iTunes. Anyway, don't buy it! You can download the .mobi file here and load it onto your Kindle.
I'm starting to link back to this site, which means I'm getting a few visitors. I figured I should probably talk a little about what I have planned for Eldernost. I'll be publishing a new novella in the series every two months, all about the same length as A CIRCLE OF IRON -- approximately 24,000 words. Each novella will have a different protagonist, at least for the first "cycle." I reserve the right to pull in multiple POV characters in future books as the series matures. I'm currently writing Book Two, A SERPENT IN THE STONE, which introduces readers to Lyssa, a young girl who is both a scav and an apprentice to the alchemist Scorza. In the course of Lyssa's adventures in Eldernost, we'll learn a lot more about magic and the alchemical treatments that grant immortality to the Grays, as well as some dark secrets from the past hidden in the ruined city itself. A SERPENT IN THE STONE will be released in late July.
Since we're waiting on the cartography, I thought it might be cool to show current progress on the map. The talented Tom Fayen is the cartographer, and he'll also be creating a map of Eldernost, the ruined city around which the series revolves.

The full text of A CIRCLE OF IRON is up as an embedded Scribd document. You can find it here. The book will be released in all digital formats, but formatting is waiting on the cartographer. I'll be posting the maps here as well.
And Book 5, using the original cover for the first book. I love this cover and still plan to use it in the header image for the site.
Here's the cover for Book 2.
Here are some new covers for three books in the Eldernost series, along with a title change for Book 1.