I'm starting to link back to this site, which means I'm getting a few visitors. I figured I should probably talk a little about what I have planned for Eldernost. I'll be publishing a new novella in the series every two months, all about the same length as A CIRCLE OF IRON -- approximately 24,000 words. Each novella will have a different protagonist, at least for the first "cycle." I reserve the right to pull in multiple POV characters in future books as the series matures. I'm currently writing Book Two, A SERPENT IN THE STONE, which introduces readers to Lyssa, a young girl who is both a scav and an apprentice to the alchemist Scorza. In the course of Lyssa's adventures in Eldernost, we'll learn a lot more about magic and the alchemical treatments that grant immortality to the Grays, as well as some dark secrets from the past hidden in the ruined city itself. A SERPENT IN THE STONE will be released in late July.
Here's the cover for Book 2.
Here are some new covers for three books in the Eldernost series, along with a title change for Book 1.