Here's the cover for Book 2.
8/18/2014 07:26:24 pm

I acknowledge your writing, but whether your post itself is long or short, it will be easier to read and understand if the paragraphs and sentences are short and the words are recognizable. It may be tempting to write in as creative and enigmatic a style as you can.

4/11/2016 03:22:11 pm

This is a very cool cover for the book! Thank you for sharing and I hope you will also spread the word about the services we provide! It's great to follow your blog!


I like your book very much and really glad to have read it. Thanks a lot for your writng talent.

Daniil Fedtsov
8/27/2016 06:37:35 am

Hello Greg, it's been four years. Any updates on the series? The first book was a fun and quick read.


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